Thursday, December 14

Top 5 User Comments Regarding "Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo" on IMDB

A Preamble: I saw "Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo" While at this hot little funk club in Toronto. It was playing on the wall silently. So my soundtrack was this wicked funk band, and a couple of ladies trying to chat up mr. Dubien. Even without dialogue we could fairly easily figure out what was going on. And yet, strangely, it was still entertaining. I looked it up on IMDB, and here's what folks are saying.

1. "Anyway, a real great movie. I wish Citizen Kane had been this good.
I'm not joking."

2. "It's fortunate that the trio live in an alternate universe in which breakdancing can solve all of society's ills. No exaggeration here; over the course of ninety-four boogie filled minutes, dancing stops bulldozers, pays bills, ends gang wars, and even cures the ill and the infirm (One person bounds out of the wheelchair in jubilation; apparently they simply forgot they could walk). There is so much dancing in this movie that it frequently appears that the plot is intruding on it, and not the other way around. These are people who work a hard day's living dancing then go home and blow off some steam by, what else, dancing."

3. "First off, I am a huge fan of booga-loo shrimp and also of adolfo shabba-do. I especially loved the first one when he danced with that rag on a string. I saw the first breakin in the theatre when it first came out and I almost had a hernia it was so good."

4. "But then you remember, you also own Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo and you get back on your sofa and spend another couple of hours with a friendly group of Break Dancers who only want to support their local amenities... They don't use violence (apart from perhaps some suggestive popping' and lockin' moves), they don't use guns or drugs and they even get their rival street gang to kiss and make up with them in order to protect their hood from the City Suits."

5. "This isn't a poorly made movie in the traditional sense; it isn't full of continuity holes or bad special effects. For all its silliness, it probably succeeds in exactly the way it wanted to; as a movie about people who love breakdancing so much they'd rather do that than say, eat, sleep, converse, or share meaningful human contact. More than fifteen years later, it's terribly quaint, and hilariously dated. But it has a city-wide dance party, a hospital-wide dance party, a dance-filled climax (a shock, I know) and two performances by Ice-T. What more do you want? Do yourself a favor and rent this movie. By the end, you'll be dancing too. "

Rob, we're renting this movie.

Ohmygoodness I laughed so hard. That is amazing. "This isn't a poorly made movie in the traditional sense..."

They all sound like they really got into it though. That's a special kind of person right there...
oh the man eater

I haven;t gone back for her dan, dont you worry.

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