Friday, December 15

Top 5 Thoughts from Last Night

1. What was that noise?
2. Why did I just slam in to the side of my car?
3. Why won't my door open?
4. Why is that girl still talking on her cellphone?
5. Cars are the most insidious invention in history.

yea man, i know exactly.

except when it happened to me, one of them was, "did i just spin around 540 degrees??"
So did you get into an accident? If yes, are you ok?!
1. Yes
2. Yes, just a little sore.
1. That sucks.
2. I'm glad you're still alive.
3. Women drivers, no survivors (even though you technically did survive...).
4. Are you going to sue? You should.
5. I don't know, I just thought it was appropriate to have a number 5.
hey my mom was in a car accident like the day after you were... creepy.... hope your feelin better:)
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