Friday, December 1

Top 5 Things About December 1 in Burns Lake

1. Fireworks. Our Halloween fireworks, actually, as you will recall Halloween was cancelled. So the fireworks were rescheduled for tonight to coincide with
2. Mistletoe Mania. Known in previous years as Midnight Madness, it was forced to change it's name due to the fact that now stores stay open until 9pm instead of midnight. That's right, it's a banner night when stores are open after 6pm.
3. The Christmas Tree Light-Up. At Pioneer Park. Not actually that impressive, but they give out free coffe and hot chocolate, so that's nice.
4. The kick off of the Burns Lake Christmas Passport. Between Dec1 and Dec15 people go around to all the businesses in Burns Lake and get their passport stamped, once filled, they can enter to win $500 worth of gift certificates to spend in town. We're really trying to support local shopping.
5. A new store opened. It's only Christmas stuff. Apparently she (Brandy, the proprietor and a girl I went to elementary and high school with) is going to get all new stock for every season. Ambitious. Perhaps more than Burns Lake can handle? We'll just have to see.

As you can see, it is non stop December excitement in this little town.

I love Midnight Madness, or the like. Man, Christmas has got to be the greatest time of the year. And the anticipation leading up to it - that's what I love!
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