Tuesday, December 12

Top 5 strange things to buy on Ebay

5. Pregnancy naval jewelry

4. Vampire Killing Kit

3. Lucky Candy Cane

2. Mummified Head

1. Velvet Canvas Painting of Satan on a Toilet

PS here is my contribution to the facial hair top 5

Amazing. The pregnancy jewelry is probably the creepiest thing too!

And that beard made me weep. Beautiful.
BTW, that was good timing with those e-bay items. I'm using them for an assignment. You're so helpful...
what? i totally would buy pregnancy jewellery! but nice beard. i must say it is quite good.
You know what's hilarious? On the page for the mummified head, the guy posted a picture of a newspaper article proving it's real. But look at the ad right below the article...kinda ironic!
Sara Lynn...gross first of all..and where is your beard and or facial hair pic?? Stewart included...where is your oh so epic hair of furry?
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