Monday, December 11

Top 5 Picks in my Fantasy Fascists League

"Heck, I had Mussolini in my Fantasy Fascists League, and even he couldn't make the trains run on time like Tomlinson." - Christopher Harris

These would be my top 5 on draft day:

1. Hitler - obviously the #1 pick.
2. Mussolini - great lineup protection when Hitler has an off day.
3. Stalin - There would be some question as to his eligibility in this league, but I think I'd take the risk.
4. Caesar Augustus - His old school style would complement some of the rookies.
5. Generalissimo Franco - Nobody can beat this wily veteran 1 on 1.

this post is either terribly offensive or... terribly hilarious.

i'm stuck somewhere inbetween...
I'm with Kang on this one
I think any of the past RS' need to be on this list...particularly Ben some of you may be offended by this well first of all offending people has never bothered me...and take into consideration as well I was an RS...
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