Saturday, December 2

Top 5 Favorite Comedies

1. i heart huckabees
2. Adaptation (not strictly a comedy, but i watch this movie over and over, and quote it often)
3. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
4. School of Rock
5. I wanna say - Little Miss Sunshine, but it doesn't fit Kyle's criteria, so I'm gonna go with..... HIGH FIDELITY (Again, not strictly a comedy, but it's just freaking great.)

Oh no, that was just what I was basing my list on. As long as it's funny, it's fair game.

And great list. Although I think you are the first person I've ever heard who likes I Heart Huckabees, let alone enough to put number one on a top five!

P.S. Will you marry me?
back off the stewart. he's mine! but if you are looking for someone who also likes I Heart Huckabees, i know just the person. she's pretty, she's single, she lives in Burns Lake...
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