Tuesday, December 26

Top 5 Consoles In My House Right Now

1. Xbox - mostly because it's mine. Well, it's a loaner, but good enough for me.
2. Xbox 360 - mostly because of one game: Gears of War, the Halo killer.
3. Nintendo Wii - mostly because Nintendo thumb days are over. Now it's Nintendo elbow.
4. Super Nintendo - mostly because it's classic.
5. Nintendo - mostly because it's classicker (more classic?).
6. Gameboy - mostly because I can't get the Tetris theme song out of my head.
7. Intellivision - mostly because it's older than I am.

Well, 7 is the new 5. Right? Back me up Donkers.

"Riding on their armchairs
They dream of wealth and fame
Fear is their companion
Nintendo is their game
Never done jack and two thumbs Don
And sidekick don't say dick
We'll laugh at others failures
Though they have not done shit"

"'Has been' was.
'Has been' might again"

I can't get the Shat out of my head.
Yeah, you right dawg. You right.
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