Saturday, December 16

Top 5 Best things about my work party last night (yet another blog to brag about my amazing job)

1. It was a 'Winter Formal' dress up event (and I LOVE dressing up!)
2. It was held in the same place we had our wedding reception a year ago (ah, the memories)
3. There was a full extravagant catered dinner/dessert complete with wine...mmm
4. There was a kick-ass dance party that went on till midnight.
5. The thank you gift given to every single employee who works at C.P. was a Nintendo DS lite system with two games to go along.

How much better than that does it get?
Oh, and I got a promotion at work this week too. Merry Christmas!

sara lynn, you really deserve it.

honestly having to go home to dan must be hard hahaha

Merry Christmas, hope to see you guys soon
whats cp?
club penguin
Ok--the place you work at is really named Club Penguin?! The dance party didn't do anything for me, but CLUB PENGUIN!? I so want to work there. That is amazing!!
haha! that is an awesome name! Who wouldn't want to work there?!
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