Friday, November 17

Top5 Things Dan Didn't Do (But Wanted To) On His Birthday Yesterday

5. Take Tara to the Dutch Pancake House. It's a Dutch birthday tradition thing.
4. Take Rob to the Dutch Pancake House. Apparently if you're Dutch, you have to go there as many times in one day as years you have lived. The last time you go, the time that's also how old you are, you get your birthday number of pancakes free.
3. Have his mom bring him breakfast in bed. Dutch birthdays are very tiring, obviously, due to all the trips to the Pancake House, so a grown Dutch person really needs their strength on birthdays, and that starts with breakfast in bed.
2. Play Dutch Blitz with as many family members and other Dutch people as possible. At the Dutch Pancake House. He really likes the Pancake House.
1. Catch a connecting flight to Holland (or Deutschland as the Dutch people call it) after landing in Toronto, instead of going to his cousin's wedding, but not before stopping for a Dutchie at the Tim Hortons in the airport.

Happy Birthday, Dan!

yes, Happy Birthday Dan.
You forgot: hanging out with Bryan and the Stewart and watching Arrested Development.

Oh wait -- that's because it did happen. What more could Dan possibly want?!
happy belated birthday Dan
happy belated birthday Dan
Deutschland (spelling) is Germany, isn't it??
I'm with andrew...thats Germany...regardless..Happy Bday Daniel
Awww, thanks Rob. I had a good day. I hung out with Bryan and Kyle. But no Dutch pancakes unfortunately.
happy birthday daniel donkers. you can take dan's post as a present from me...a sort of recurring theme birthday present. i never did really thank you for that gift all those years ago.

(i hopt this makes any sense at is late and my words are not quite coming out right)
ps. in about 3 weeks (dec. 8th) it is dan's birthday (the big 25). you are all invited to come and visit and share in the festivities. i can't say there'll be pancakes but...uh, how about guiness???
Yay for guiness, mates!
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