Saturday, November 4

Top Five Ways I will make up not paying my dues! (As per others commenting I should but didn't)

5. I will refrain from sending Ryan fan mail addresed to Ben Kweller as the real Ben Kweller has a restraining order against me and by sending my fan mail to Ryan I feel somewhat still apart of the real Ben's life......sigh...
4. I will fly out to Ontario and give Kyle back his protractor I borrowed in our first year...
3. I will go over to Otto's and cheer for the Oilers while they play the Leafs...
2. I will paint a life size picture of Bryan for Dan to place in his office...(Bryan I may need you to pose nude for that one)
1. I will stop trying to steal Dan from Slynn (I can't promise that I won't stop staring at Dan from the tree though...)

Time and place Geoff
Time and place
You borrowed a contractor in Bible College?
You borrowed a contractor in Bible College?
And by contractor I mean protractor. I can't believe my worst comment ever got posted twice.
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