Monday, November 6

Top 5 Things that Have Gotten too Cool for their Own Good

1. Those weird shoes with the holes in them. People keep saying, "Oh, but my feet don't smell when I wear them." All I keep hearing is, "The girl at the store told me they looked good on me!"
2. Argyle sweaters.
3. Blogging. What? What's happening? Irony level rising . . . Head close to exploding . . .
4. Crotch rock. Wait, no, that was never cool.
5. Kweller. Yes, that's right Kweller, you have gotten too cool for your own good. Which is why I'm going to pants you today in the cafeteria.

Dan that was the most embarassing thing that has happen to me... common dont do it to a guy wearing briefs next time
Crocs (those weird shoes with the holes in them) never claimed to be cool. Comfy, yes. Cool, no.

I wear them and love them and so there.

But not these days because we have 5 feet of snow, and rising.
kweller, did that really happen?????
Maybe if you got some really thick croc socks?
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