Thursday, November 23

Top 5 Things I miss about college that I never thought I would

1. Meals in the cafeteria, same time, same place, same people...
2. Sitting in a boring class and finding some way - any way at all - to amuse yourself till the end (there were some great notes passed in such circumstances...Moey.. and some great toys that were a result of this - Rocko!)
3. Studying for exams with the classic study gang (I know that not all of you will agree, but I must say, there were some good memories made there)
4. Being stuck on the hill with the same people day after day, after day, after day (sure we went stir-crazy, but we also had a lot of fun doing stupid things)
5. The ongoing battle of the sexes - Girls are lame vs. Boys are Dumb - (this one may never die, but it provided for some greatly dramatic times)

One of my favourite college moments is still the time when we were in History of Christianity and I licked your pen. Then your textbook. Then your binder. That was a crowning achievement in class disruption for me.
One of my favorite moments was when I wrote girls are lame in every single desk in room 6...and Mark Hawkes finally asking me why I always was in a different desk...

Oh and also how we made Roger mad when everyone started writing rants about the study gang being good or bad etc...and blake finally losing which Roger got upset...hahaha amazing!
I cant believe I have innaugural membership status in the study gang.
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Me, I miss seeing you guys all the time...


Oh, and that time Geoff and I didn't grow dreadlocks. Those were the days.
-dan, yes...that was gross.
-geoff, you're right, that was purely entertaining.
-bryan, of course you have innaugural membership. remember those very first days in the ac lounge when you would try your hardest to get us off topic...and the first study gang party at BP. anyone who was there definitely is a true member of the study gang.
-the stewart, ah, shoulder shake weeping. good times.
Top 5 things I don't miss about college:

1. Meals in the cafe - same food, same grease, same wilted salad as last week.
2. Sitting in a boring class - sorry roger... brains don't = interesting.
3. Studying for exams??? slynn you've lost your mind... although i admit anything with blake is usually better.
4. Being stuck on the HILL!!! thank god i had a car
5. THe ongoing battle of the sexes - ahh nothing like a little christian sexual tension.... eek... although your whole boys are dumb thing was funny.
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