Wednesday, November 29

top 5 reasons us Northern Girls are cuter when its 38 below (with the windchill)

1.When its this cold and slippery, we have to walk in tiny little shuffling steps. Nothing looks more vulnerable. and Vulnerable=adorable
2.Parka's, mucklucks. I suppose this is technically two things, but most of us know that its fashionably inappropriate to wear more than one of these at the same time. It's overkill
3.messy hair. On account of the toques or hoods of course noses and cheeks.
5.when we stick our arms out of the driver's side window with a long ice scraper to scrape of the windshield.

Of course, these things aren't exclusively girlish. Men are stuck with all these things too. But they just look cold. Us girls look like an old navy commercial.

I gotta agree with you. Except for number 5. That's just silly.

Ok, no, that's cute too.

Damn girls.
well, you pretty much nailed it, holly. we are adorable.

but i have to say...-38 with the windchill? we had -36 before the windchill, so much colder. i must be that much cuter thasn you :P
unrelated: Top 5 List Request ... ?

I need a "Top 5 Cubicle _____", perhaps inspired by the movie "Office Space" (Jeff Wheeldon owns) or perhaps inspired by experience...?

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