Friday, November 3

Top 5 Reasons the Original Pre-Erasing Stop Five site has become Legendary

1. Its humble beginnings. A simple post, as I recall, on the value of Sean Aston to the film world.
2. Its legendary arguments. The first one of note, of course, involved the means of entering a land of fantastical possibilities.
3. Its traditions (some of which have been continued). Some that come to mind are the monthly "Top 5 Deathmatches," and "Top 5 moments in the life of . . ."
4. Its mysterious "missing posts."
5. Its potential to become a worlwide phenomenon, which I believe has only been increased in this new manifestation of Stop Five Records.

That's my first Stopfive historian post in a long time. My book should be released sometime in the new year.

Well you're up to two for the nomination of longest how come I never got invited to be apart of this stop five community...if Stewart gets to write his nonsense...why shouldn't I get points by saying thank you for Bryan including me in his post about songs people are ashamed to say they love??

Alright I take it back...what Kyle writes is utter genious...I could never compare...(single tear)
Geoff, I think you'd make a great addition to our movement.
I think people should go through an audition process. It was how I made it on here. I had to pay my dues man, pay my dues!!!
You had to give Bryan three monthly payments of $46 too? Man, I'm glad to know it wasn't just me...

I posted a draft about adding you before you wrote this just so you know

mostly I added you cause you sat beside me in my first class in college ever

But anyway... Yeah

I wish I hadnt had to kill the last one, it was done in a bit of a courageous panic. sigh
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