Thursday, November 9

Top 5 Poker Hands

1. Maverik's hand - Able to draw any card from a deck of cards. Entirely useful when on dire straits.
2. The Hot Chick's Hand - Seems to be able to distract even the best of card sharks, though also in drawing alot of attention, for hottness, it seems to tip others off of tells. Tapping teath, looking at nails stuff like that are its downfall.
3. The Cheater's Hand - Cheater's often prosper cause they have neat tricks. often a cheater needs sleaves to get this down, but yeah, cheater's are pretty cool, for their ingenious methods and devices. Their hand's are quicker than your eyes. That's awesome
4. Strait flush
5. The Right Hand - a good hand for when your cheating has gone bad or your winning has gone well.

10 dollar buy-ins at 7pm be there.

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