Tuesday, November 21

Top 5 Horribly Underused Words That Each Of You Must Use At Least Once In The Next Week: Volume 1

1. Sicilian
2. Poppycock
3. Defenestrate
4. Smite
5. Behest

okay, umm... I don't have anyone to talk chess with, but I read about it. does that count
I used three of these words already today
I've been using defenestrate for the last month. Seriously!
Bryan: No, you must use these words in every day conversations. It's fun. For example, I said this to someone today: "Nice hair cut--it's very Sicilian." They had no idea what I was talking about, but neither did I. It was fun.

Josh: You are my hero. I love you and I want to have babies. Not with you, though. I just want babies. So I can defenestrate them.

Dan: Defenestrate is the most ridiculous and cool word ever. I think you need to make a similar list too.
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