Monday, November 6

Top 5 Creepy things about creepy gym guy

1. You know that "putting out" vibe that people give when they're looking and think they're all that...need I say more.
2. This guy is close to 50 years old and he spends most of his time in the gym - I'm sure he's there every day for at least 2 hours.
3. He has more muscles than any 50 year old man should (and I'm usually all for healthy living)
4. He talks to me everytime I am there, but he never initiates conversation with Dan. And he always forgets that he's spoken to me before so it's always the same question: "So, have you been coming to this gym for a while?"
5. *With a bullet* He wears spandex outfits ALL THE TIME! And insists on stretching every way imaginable right in front of the treadmill I'm running on.
Guys, you may think this is just pure awesome, but let me tall you...IT'S NOT!!!! If you think it is, you are totally wrong and God help you in ever finding a nice girl!

Gah!! So that's my problem. The guy in the store said spandex would win over the ladies every time. Liar!
You should have Dan challenge him to a stretch-off. While he's distracted by the competition you can change gyms!
nah that guy definatly crossed the line from pure awesome to pure suck. there is a fine line between hilarious and sick sick sick... and he's way over :P
I am picturing a cross between uncle rico, Antonio sabato jr. and hasslehof
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