Tuesday, November 7

Top 5 Concept Albums of Alltime

1. Okay Computer - Radiohead - machines spirit away the soul of humankind
2. Illonoise - Sufjan Stevens - he is gonna right one about all the states I hear, this one is the best thus far
3. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots - Flaming Lips - Androids are trying to conquer earth, music is earths weopon I guess
4. Downward Spiral - Nine Ince Nails - "Downward Spiral was about peeling off layers and arriving at a naked, ugly end." - trent reznor
5. The Wall - Pink Floyd - The story of Pink and his wall

ever listen to pink floyd's "dark side of the moon" while alice in wonderland is on the TV?

it's CREEPY everything lines up and makes you feel like you're on crack... unless you were on crack to begin with, then it makes you feel like you're normal except that you might learn what blue smells like...

... how do i know this?
it's interesting at best and only works for the first third of the movie. Overrated. Most overrated conspiracy ever.
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