Monday, November 13

Top 5 Bands I Listen to Right Now

Yeah, Holly pretty much nailed it for me. That was amazing HA.

1. Hip Hop Hope is pretty cool. They do a lot of original material, but they also do some of these really wicked covers where
2. they take secular rap songs and make them all Christian. They're pretty cool. Like, "I ain't saying you're a gold digger, but
3. you should build treasure in heaven pastor." It's kind of a scathing commentary on the whole money grabbing Christianity
4. thing. Very poignant. Oh, and they also take the swears and replace them with fun, safe words that anyone can enjoy. Like,
5. "Those mega-funky knickers are full of sugar." It's hilarious.

"Those mega-funky knickers are full of sugar" is one of the greatest and most disturbing new additions to my collection of pick-up lines.

Ladies beware...
i raise my eyebrow. at both of you.
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