Sunday, November 12

Top 5 Bands I listen to right now

1. mewithoutyou
2. Underoath
3. KaN'aan
4. Ryan Adams
5. CFUR radio - so this isn't a band, but its our pretty frickin fantastic University station. In one sitting you can hear Broken Social Scene, DJ Shadow, and any of Dan Kang's aforementioned pretentious music. I love it.

Honourable mention: Damien Rice, but he's more of a staple. Like rice with stirfry.

Holly, you just made my day. You're listening to mewithoutYou! My heart is warmed.
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I was very happy to see that you are as well. so good!
i love them!
One day, when I'm as cool as Dan Kang, I'll start a podcast and tell the world!
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