Friday, November 10

Obligatory Top 5 #1: Top 5 Bands I Listen to Right Now

1. Damien Rice
2. Iron and Wine
3. Tom Waits
4. Ben Folds
5. = With a bullet = Feist

and kanye west

so... yeah, if you post here your are obligated to make one, its a new Stop 5 tradition.
Thought I would start with an easy one.

Man, I was like, "You go boy-ee!"

And then you said Kanye West...that made me sad.

Ou, also, question: when you say Top 5 Bands We're Listening To, do you mean, the five bands we've listened to most recently, or of the many bands we are listening to, what are your top five favourites?

It's all about the semantics, baby...
i like this new game
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