Tuesday, August 1

Top Five (Personal) Reactions to the Heat & Humidity in Ontario

1. "I sure am glad I wore this light, airy sundress today."”
2. "“Boy, I could really go for a nice, ice cold enema right about now."
3. "Excuse me sir, but would you happen to have a lathe I could use? I'’d like to peel the flesh from my bones."
4. "If I were to take my clothes off, right now, here in this park, what with the families picnicking and all, how much jail time would I have to put in? Because if it'’s more than six years, I won'’t do it..."
5. "“I wonder how much a vacation in Hell would cost?"”


get back to the motherland, that is, God's country, that is, BC.
Believe me...I'm coming. Sooner than later, I hope.

(Seriously people--B.C. is the Promised Land.)
I used to weigh 60 pounds before I moved to BC. The humidity keeps you slim and fresh man.

(Plus I was 12 when I moved out here.)
I think you still only way around 60 pounds
i have commited my self to no longer wearing boxers while in ontario working. for some reason spandex breathes more and im okay with that,
i went into the fraser canyon last week...that was hot! i think my camera was melting!
andrew, clearly ontario is the motherland....

ie. the motherland is the place you flee from when coming to the promised land. ;)

kyle : Get outa egypt !!
Stewart why are you here!? where are you !?
Well, the reasons for my journey to Ontario were threefold: girlfriend, work, school. Alas, shortly after arriving, one of those reasons (*cough*womenarethespawnofsatan*cough*) ripped my heart out of my chest and ate it (kinda like that scene in Last of the Mohicans, except there wasn't like a war or anything...And I'm not a general...Nor was she an indian...And she didn't actually *eat* it, per se...In fact, she didn't even really "rip it out"...).

Aye matey, I be in Brampton, working in Guelph, going to school in Etobicoke (wait, it's safe to post personal information over the internet, right?). Lots o' driving! And I got a wicked awesome one-arm tan to prove it. Wicked. Awesome. Slightly disturbing.

P.S. Girls are evil.
I HATE THE ONE ARM TAN. GAH i work at 6 in the morning and i still get it... the sun isnt even up. i dont think the sun tans... i think the... AIR BURNS
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