Thursday, July 20

Top5 Things about Becoming a Certified Barista

5. That little barista pin you get.
4. The independence.
3. Getting to sign into your shift as "Barista", not "In Training" anymore
2. The automatic textbook knowledge of all drinks that you suddenly know.
1. Respect.

this seems redundant....(cept spelled right)
Redundant? How so?
you forgot:
6. homeless people swearing at you and getting in your face every morning
7. customers who can't even muster up a smile and grumble at you when you haven't done anything to offend them
8. cleaning up the washrooms after people use them to basically take a shower and leave you with nice surprises
9. the endless line of teenagers full of attitude and "teenagerness" wanting frappuccinos
10. did i mention homeless people sleeping in the store, begging for money, harrassing you and your customers???
right now, i hate my job!
(for the record though, i like to help homeless people...just through the right avenues)
I have experienced none of these "Top10" things you speak of in my 3-week career as a barista. I choose to believe they do not exist.
otto : when i first read this post... it was posted twice... now that has been corrected.... my bad :)
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