Saturday, July 1

top five sensory experiences upon entering Prince George

So I've snuck away to Prince George for the weekend, completely spontaneously.
These are the top 5 things that met me
1. A new Starbucks - this is the fourth. Rednecks love their latte's. Seriously, they might not have known it 5 years ago (when there were none) but now they're hooked. 4 Starbucks!
2. The sign for the Burger Bar - open 10am-11pm ish. ISH! You don't get more laid back than that people
3. The car in front of me that actually smelled like pot.
4. The radio, I came in on AC/DC you shook me all night long. Then they played You say Party We say Die. So friggin cool
5. The fruit stand at MQuick Lube and Oil. Seriously, this guy just sets up in their parking lot and nobody cares. Has been there for years.
Damn this place is funny

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