Thursday, July 13

Top 5 Wilco Items I Own

1.(*With a bullet*) A Wilco hoodie - hand designed by my husband as a going away present.
2. A Wilco poster - announcing the summer 2006 tour locations, of which we saw the opening show
3. A Wilco book bag - ordered as a gift for my husband, taken over by me
4. The Wilco dvd - techinically belonging to my husband, but now all of his things belong to me too!
5. (*With a bullet*) A Wilco baby bib - I got suckered in at the last concert...they were just too cute to resist!

now all you need is a Wilco baby. Do they sell those?
thanks ha, but i think i can take care of that one myself...hehe
(and don't think i haven't been wanting to. people don't often buy baby clothes just to add to their collection. well, maybe some people do, but i'm not one of them)
two bullets? wow.
oh my God....
oh my God....
What's a Wilco baby?
a wilco baby is a baby who will only wear wilco paraphanalia...duh!
(okay, so this post is a little ridiculous but those two bullets were well-deserved. and i only sorta really want to have a baby...b
oops, don't know what happened. what i was trying to say was that there is no baby on the way any time soon, so don't anyone freak out. but if i did have a baby, he/she would definitely wear the wilco bib.
yeah right. nostradamus prophesied that your already pregnant... but then again, what does he know
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