Saturday, July 1

Top 5 Ways to Make World Cup Soccer More Exciting...

1. Let 'em use their damn hands!
Replace ball with round pinata filled with killer bees.
Three words: Naked penalty kicks.
Make nets out of lingerie from Victoria's Secret
Score a goal, do a shot.

Complements of David Kenis (Jenn's Dad)

"making the world cup more exciting"?????

there is no chance we will ever be friends.
Theanswer was invented by Warren Elis at a private school in england. They renamed the sport after the private school he attended. That school's name was "Rugby". The best sport ever!!
only one thing is necessary to make soccer more exciting:
the 'red card of death'-penalty.

guillotined. right there on the sidelines.

the french can do that, at least.
(if they win, i will guillotine myself)
Brazil and England are out???

What am I supposed to do with myself?
hehehe...score a goal, do a shot... hehehehe
i like jenns dad!
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