Friday, July 14

Top 5 Summit Pacific College Items I own

1. My Summit Pacific College laniard. In my mind, laniards are the most useless items on the planet. If I'm going to lose my keys, I'll do it with or without a laniard. However, they do look rather cool.
2. My Summit Pacific College fleece. I hike in it.
3. My Summit Pacific College golf shirt. I'm saving it for when I go golfing with the President.
4. My Summit Pacific College computer. It's not actually mine, but since I'm married to the college . . .
5. My Summit Pacific College water bottle. It sits on my bookshelf. I don't use those kinds of water bottles.

I beg to differ about #1, if I remember correctly, Macgyver would have found it useful...
She does make a good point, Dan.
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