Friday, July 14

Top 5 Random Things I Do

1. Giggle in my sleep (only occasionally...but does this really surprise any of you?)
2. Buy items of clothing for when we do decide to have a baby.
3. Carry a water bottle with me almost everywhere I go.
4. Lie on the floor of my room with the lights out, listening to good music cranked really loud.
5. Pucker my lips and dab my lipstick on rather than painting it on in one smooth swipe (the hoopster always made fun of this one).

i once had a big black guy as my roomate and he barked in his sleep...
what are you trying to say?
One of Dan's favourite things is number 4! You make the perfect couple. (I know it's not news, but...)
seriously kweller,,, i wanna know!
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