Monday, July 10

Top 5 Northern Tour 2003 moments:

1. Zee blood of Kang on Dan's peeloooow.
2. Oh lily? Dat's so coo.
3. The concussion of Kang. From the fist of me.
4. Hunan Kung Pao.
5. The game. Deviv might have won it, but Adin made a valiant last minute comeback.

Honorable Mention: The animal names and the cold game that the girls loved so very much.

Sorry for the inside joke nature of this blog, but Dan and Dan get it and that's enough for me.

There are others who experienced parts of that trip. I get it.
Heehee. I invented that game. Van Olympics. It's still in use today.
Also still in use, but only by me:
"Lake or Field?"
i also, having been friends with any and all of you, have heard these legendary tales so many times, that i was also there. hiding under the 4-seater bench in the back. the whole time.

i also get it.

honourable mention?: backseat brawls featuring Nate vs everybody?
I still play lake or field too!!!
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