Monday, July 24

Top 5 Movies With the word "Dog" in them:

1. Reservoir Dogs
2. Must Love Dogs
3. Wag the Dog
4. Dog Day Afternoon
5. Dog Soldiers

oh c'mon, what about recent hit classic "Must Love Dogs"
This is not out of malice, but out of general curiosity and concern. Can you read? Are you the one out of every 5 people who are illiterate? (I possibly made that stat up) I will help you obtain the gift that is reading. I hold out my hand to help you cross the bridge of the written word. Help me help you.
thats awesome josh...

oh man, how did i miss that?

ps: excellent use of the word "malice"
I dont mean to be rude...I hardly ever comment on these things...but Ive never seen Josh do anything on here before...

who is josh?
who is becky?
I can answer both questions. I think becky is Jenn's sister. Josh is me. I decided to change my name from Otto to Josh.
I also really enjoy teasing Andrew. It's kind of our thing until he says it isn't.
Dog Soldiers sucks. For the record.

Don't watch it.


it isn't.
Dang. I should have thought of that.
Dog Town and Z boys - the original.
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