Tuesday, July 11

Top 5 Islands to Retire On

1. Quadra Island
2. Bowen Island
3. Saltspring Island
4. Mayne Island
5. Texada Island

Don't forget the little island I am going to buy and be a cocconut farmer on.
new zealand
vancouver island? c'mon!
i'm all about quadra! i'd have to say that saltspring is my first choice
Lulu Island?

7 Starbuck locations, 5 time hortons, a walmart, zellers, 2 canadian tires, fisherman's wharf, dyke to walk, auto mall, international airport, future skytrain expansion, close to local ski hills, and my home town to boot!
an island in the sun
i went to a kids church day camp when i was little called "island in the son"...get it..."son," not "sun". 'Cause Jesus is called the "son"... yeah...

and who wants starbucks, tim hortons, walmart and any other major corporation when you retire on an island? home grown/made island product is the best to be found. island farms, thrifty foods, street markets. it doesn't get much better than that.
it is all about cocconut farming!! not what stores are present
I was surprised "Temptation Island" didn't make the list.
oh stewart, once again you slay us with your witt.
Salt Spring Sucks!
Keats Island...uh...ha!
Keats is the one.

Slynn is right. Always.

And stay away from Mayne. It'll kill you.
my first car came from Mayne, so its an allright island
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