Saturday, May 27

Top five things I can hear at work right now

1) "Indie Pop Rocks" on Soma FM playing on my computer
2) The riviting being done on the airplane
3) The two old farts behind my cubicle, talking about the old days of aviation
4) The airplane running up outside the hangar
5) The sound of my tummy growling, I missed lunch:(

Do airplanes have keys like cars? I mean, how do you start an airplane?
If the pilot lands, taxies to the terminal, cleans out the cockpit and leaves the plane. Does he go "Crap, I just locked the keys in the plane. Anybody got a coat hanger?"
fire trucks have buttons.
Really?! I didn't know that!
Tanks have keys. They're all the exact same key... And we normally leave them in the ignition. It's not like some dude off the street could drive away with one, they're hard to start.
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