Thursday, May 25

Top Five Hot Disney Cartoon Girls

5. Snow White

4. Pocahontas

3. Cinderella

2. Ariel

1. Belle

belle doesn't close her mouth when she talks. i don't know how she pronounces anything properly. try it. it's hard. and it makes her less hot...i mean, come hot is a dislocated jaw?
Ben, Im deeply concerned about your well-being...
how is a flippin' mermaid not hot?! come on! she's a mermaid!!! A MERMAID!!!
I have to disagree. I think Belle is by far the hottest. And she has the best story of all of them.
Common! What about Mulan? She's an independant woman! And Nala, I know she's a lion, but she's so cool!
GAH NALA!... how could i of forgotten... RAAAAAAAARRRRRRGHHHHHHH
princess jasmine people...c'mon, she had a great story too.
cinderella and snow white get props for pioneering women's roles in cartoon movies, but top hot ones?
I'd go with Nala, then Mulan, then Jasmine, then (of course) Ariel, then all the votes for Belle. C'mon, that's her name!
I think it's high time someone introduces you to some REAL LIVE girls.
a lion guys? come on thats just not right! cute maybe but hot? ewwww!
clearly anonymous is right.... what does a real live girl look like anyways ;) ???
hahaha top 5 hot college girls... H.O.C.'s!
Wait, isn't Nala a lion?
I think the Bible has something to say about that.
oh man, how i forgot about finding the book of leviticus... did i spell that right!?
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