Thursday, May 25

Top 5 Things a Slug might Say

1. "I feel slower than usual today. I mean, I know I'm slow, but today just feels really slow."
2. "I love the way that female slug's slime reflects in the sunlight."
3. "Don't flip over . . . Don't flip over . . . Don't flip over."
4. "Seriously guys, drinking is really bad for your health. Seriously."
5. "Man, I'm totally slime trailing right now. This is embarrasing."

i thought slugs were all hermaphrodites. so shouldn't #2 actually say, "I love the way that he/she slug's slime reflects in the sunlight."


Dan and Dan, you guys crack me up.
I said NO salt ARGHHHHHH.......
you shouldnt be allowed to post funny things. Now here i am in the library laughing out loud and crazy eyes across from me is given me weired looks. Thanks alot!
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