Sunday, May 14

Top 5 Things I Have Recently Participated In That Are Unmistakably Burns Lake

1. The Mud Ball - A community dance held at the curling rink. So named because it is usually muddy here this time of year-not so this year. I can't even begin to describe the spectacle in this forum. Astounding.
2. A walk from my house to "the 1st campsite" to skip stones. Actually called The Mclure Pit Recreational Campground, I think. On this over 3km round trip 4 vehicles drove past me. All 4 drivers waved. I knew not even 1 of them.
3. Relative Flirting - I had forgotten about this phenomenon and fear I may have accidentally partaken. This is when a family member comes to talk to you to see if you are suitable for, or interested in, their relative. It is expected, but I had forgotten about it. You see, most everyone knows who is related to who, so it is supposedly just as obvious as the person actually talking to you themself. I'm a little rusty and think I might have flirted back to this guy's sister. We'll see.
4. Bear Relay - When you see a bear, you let the person whose house you saw it near know, giving them the heads-up. This can be done by phone or in person. They then call, or visit, their neighbours to make sure everyone knows. Because noone wants it to get to the point where they have to kill the bear. And noone wants to be killed by the bear.
5. A Conversation with my neighbour's son, outlining for me the lineage of the horse I was currently petting, and trying to figure out if I knew any of the horses in her line. I do. The first horse I ever saddled on my own was a distant realtive.

A few of those smell like home. Only a few though. Question: Does anyone know why that s-curve is in the middle of town like that, just seems odd?
The whole relative flirting think kinda freaked me out untill I read the explaination.
Um, I still don't get the relative flirting thing. Does this mean that your relatives are trying to set you up with other, more distant relatives?
Or is it that other, unrelated people are trying to set you up with their relatives?
So confusing . . .
unrelated people trying to set you up with their relatives. it is odd. but common.
hey, you just coined the phrase,
"Wow, that is so unmistakably Burns Lake."

Hey Dan, you should go out with my sister.

Response: "Wow, that is so unmistakably Burns Lake."
and to think i thought to might actually be bored! Well its good to see you are getting out and having adventures!
relative flirting... hmmm... never heard of it but it seems like a good system. Although it needs a name that doesn't sound so ... incesty.

hey we had a cougar relay last week... fun times.
Relative Flirting?????
In #5, you said "the first horse I ever saddled on my own was a distant relative"

As Goldmember (Austin Powers) said "Isn't that weird?"
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