Monday, May 15

Top 5 Summer Aspirations

1. To eat as much fresh fruit as possible. I live in the Okanagan valley - kinda like the fruit capital of Canada. You just gotta eat fresh fruit.
2. To swim in the lake at least 3x per week. And one of those has to be an evening swim. There's nothing quite like an after dinner dip.
3. To go camping hopefully at least twice a month. Even if it just means driving to a local campground, parking the vw bus and crashing for the night. Even that is well worth the effort in my books.
4. To go and see Wilco (yay, tickets are even booked) and enjoy a well deserved vacation with my hubby.
5. To sit out on the deck in the evening sun, drinking tea, eating chocolate and enjoying a good book (or fellowship with friends) almost every single day. Ah, I am starting to enjoy Kelowna a whole lot more.

I want a holiday.
You shouldn't swim right after dinner. It does bad things to your body, they say. 'Internal hemorrhaging' or something like that.
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