Monday, May 8

Top 5 Rules for my Wedding

Inspired by yet another wedding on Saturday.

1. At no time will the song "I can only Imagine" be played. Ever.
2. The toasts will be limited to the best man and maid of honour, and some parents. Not every single person in the wedding party.
3. There will only be a "First Dance" if there is going to be dancing at the wedding. Because having the bride and groom dance, and then sitting back down is ridiculous.
4. Once my wife and I are announced at the altar, the song "Let's get it on" will be played as we walk out of the church.
5. There will be a live band at the reception, and it will be an 80's/90's cover band.

In regards to #1, AMEN.
Dan, you are an 80's/90's cover band.
Have I got a bride for you!
Mom, I thought you were married?
christianese weddings are dumb.
andrew and macgregor give this one two thumbs up!
Damnit. I was in the middle of compiling a soundtrack made up completely of "I Can Only Imagine" and its various remixes (by such artists as 'DJ Heaven-Bound' and 'Rap-Ture', not to mention every youth groups favourite boy band, 'Sacrilege'). So much for surprising you, Dan.
wedding? you got one planned? wow I am out of the loop.
I know allison is a semi-common name but every time i see a comment by Allison i cant help but imediatly think Its me.... but its not...
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