Tuesday, May 2

Top 5 Reasons I am not going to accept the new job

1. I found out that a friend of mine worked at the Marmalade Cat, and she said the managers were absolutely CRAZY! Hooray for intuition. I guess I should rely on it more.
2. Who wants to work for a place called the Marmalade Cat Cafe anyways???
3. I talked with my boss and she's not as mean as I painted her out to be.
4. Today we had a huge management meeting and things are going to get so much better. We're all totally on the same team now. It was funny, it was like one of those church planning meetings where everyone just connects. By the end, I felt just like we should all pray or something and devote our ministry of coffee selling to God (okay, I don't mean to be sacriligious, it just caught me as funny the amount of similarities between businesses and religion...i guess that is really not a good thing though and it makes me sad at the same time...)
5. 30% discount. How can I give that up once I'm an addict?!?!?!

#4. and thats why church is for suckers!
Slynn, if you ever Don't trust your intuition, I will come up to Kelowna and smack you.

Or, more likely, give you a stern talking to.
you're right dan, you always are.
hmm.. business and religious similiarities, I wonder what it would be like to have a job that melded the two...
Well, if you work for an organization such as MCC SCS, it is a business and Christ centred....it is great if you are wondering how the two go together.
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