Wednesday, May 3

Top 5 Possibilities to Explain the Disappearance of Andrew and Bryan

1. Together they have moved to a small Island nation and formed a quasi-communist resistance movement. Their stated goal: to restore the ideals of communism in their purest form. Their actual goal: Theocracy.
2. They are freeing Tibet as we speak.
3. They have moved underwater. Bryan is now the keeper of the Atlantic ocean, and Andrew the keeper of the Pacific. They travel by means of a futuristic submarine, a la "Nautilus".
4. Having both doubted the legitimacy of the Kyoto claims, they are currently exploring the polar ice caps to see if they really are melting. Andrew went North, and Bryan went South.
5. A fantastical journey to the center of the earth?

Really? I thought I saw them at McDonalds last night...

Could it be that they are beings from another planet sent to observe us and have beamed to their mother ship to consult on their findings? Andrews love of Star Trek could be becuase of life parallel's with captin Kirk. Just a thought.
I hope so
i vote:

Wrong on all counts. Actually, they are both my man slaves in my reverse harim.
phew, dodged that bullet!
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