Tuesday, May 16

Top 5 Personal Favourite Muppets:

1. Animal: Seriously, who doesn't love this insane little gaffer?
2. Rowlf: He plays piano and is a poet. I can identify with this little gaffer...minus playing the piano, cause I don't do that very well. And I'm not a dog...or a muppet. Okay, maybe I don't identify with him.
3. Beaker: I love it when he gets blown up. Poor little gaffer.
4. Fozzy: My jokes suck as much as his does. He is not a very funny little gaffer.
5. Kermit: It's not easy being green...or having relations with a pig...or being naked a good 95% of the time...okay, so he's a disturbed little gaffer.

Hm...not my best work.
gaffer! hahaha!
you're a disturbed little gaffer!
Why are you up at 3:31am?
Fraggle Rock (A spin off of the muppets) was way cool. If you're less than 40, you've probably never seen it.

Jenn's Dad
Wait a minute........
It's not 2:40am......
It's only 11:40pm.....
That means 3:31am is really 12:31am.....

Why are you up at 12:31am?

Jenn's Dad
I loved the Fraggles when I was a little kid. I even had a punch of there toys that you could get from Mcdonalds happy meals. I mostly remember Wimbley and the Carrot and the red head frggle in the carrot.
This blog, thanks to its founder, has always been on Ontario time. Just for reference sake.
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