Wednesday, May 24

Top 5 Moments from Youth Convention 2006

1. Combover Sunday
3. Dance competetion
4. Realizing that 7 minute long videos don't work
5. Realizing that giving 30 minutes of pure energy is a difficult endeavour indeed.

You made me laugh at least.
LET IT RAIN was pretty much the best thing i've experienced in my entire life. good job boys.
and girls. there were some girls involved in the raining.
hehe, yes i know that. i only was giving credit to the two who were evidently part of the raining, but you are right. you deserve much credit all you girls who were part of the raining. it was spectacular.
You guys did a good jorb. Hey I am in charge of sports, late nite and etc, etc. you guys should talk to me about the talent show. I have some ideas
that is at camp by the way
That sounds awesome.
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