Friday, May 5

Top 5 good things about today so far (as of 7:30 am)

1. A year ago was 05-05-05, otherwise known as the day my life changed forever (for the best, in case you were wondering)
2. It is sunny.
3. I woke up early and sat in the sun, drinking tea and reminiscing. What better way to start a day?
4. My husband was so cute in his sleep this morning.
5. Tonight my apartment is being invaded and 10 junior high girls are spending the night. As crazy as it sounds, I am excited.

ironically enought next month is 060606....remove the zero's and clearly its the day we're all gonna die!!! No wait, it's just another day...hopefully sunny, but I am gonna by a pitchfork that day...and maybe some horns, just for kicks and giggles...!! Strangely enough as well a bunch of people have booked weddings for that day as well...creepy!
Dan . . . sleep . . . cute??
we should try to see each other for 060606.

i know we didn't hang out for 050505, but somehow Dan made it memorable for you....
happy engagement anny
anny being short for aniversary... not some nickname for holly ann
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