Monday, May 1

Top 5 Desired Areas of Freckle Growth

Summer is here, and as you may or may not know, summer is freckle season. Some people work on their tans. I'm a freckle farmer. Here's the areas I want to work on.

1. Belly freckles - always the hardest, but they're my favourite.
2. The face. Face freckles are a given, but I'm going for a record this year.
3. The Shoulders. These freckles make me look tougher.
4. Foot freckles. Another tough but rewarding area of freckle growth.
5. The back. Girls love back freckles . . . don't they?

i got them on my elbows... girls think its cute... should try it out.
i have freckles but you can't see them... they are hiding under my copious amounts of body hair.
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