Wednesday, May 24

Top 5 "Crisis" Moments from YC 2006

1. It all began with a freakout on the bus as we went to pray around the coliseum the night before HM began. A girl (who it turned out was having demonic dreams) wanted nothing to do with us praying against satanic forces. Scary stuff, especially for those sheltered junior high kids.
2. Right after the prayer time, one girl began to have stomach pains so severe that she could barely stand up. We thought it was appendicitis and rushed her to the hospital where we stayed until 2:30am (and then decided to go home for the night because she would not be seen by a doctor for at least 2 more hours...we figured we could just come back again after some sleep if it was that bad)
3. The next afternoon two junior high girls witnessed a domestic fight between two druggies in the park. It wouldn't have been so bad except that they went to the washroom to hide. The women then came to the washroom to lock herself into a stall and the man followed her in, screaming and banging on the doors trying to get into where the women was. The two girls ran out of there completely shaken up and freaked out.
4. Then there was the time after the first night service where me and another leader spent what seemed like forever pretty much in warfare over this girl who had revealed to us all this deep stuff in her life. It got so intense and we had to call over the two pastors because we just didn't know what to do. So much intenseness that night...I can't even describe it.
5. And while this was happening, another girl was being rushed to the hospital because she was having intense stomach pains and on the floor crying (she was the second of i think 4 girls who all went through the same thing, though we stopped going to the hospital after this one). She was there until late into the night. Oh, and this was the same night my husband sprained his ankle so bad that he could barely walk and had to limp around. So yeah.
And that was all within the first 24 hours. Thankfully, a joint emergency prayer meeting turned things around and the rest of the weeknd pretty much went off without a hitch.

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