Wednesday, May 31

Top 5 Crappy things about Locking your Tank Keys in the Tank

A stream of consciousness post.

1. Coat Hangers just won't get that sucker open.
2. Did I remember to put the E-brake on?
3. I totally left my I-pod in there. And I just finished my WW3 mix.
4. Did anyone bring the sandwiches out from the cooler in the back?
5. KEVIN!!

You locked your keys in the tank?

haha - love the random Home Alone quote. "Look whatcha did, ya little jerk."
Hey, I forgot to tell you this on Monday, but I was msning with a girl from the youth group who I did my internship with in Surrey, and she was at HM and she said you and Dan were funny and she liked your video. Just thought you'd want to know.
Only you could somehowe manage that... haha, sucker.
-The wonderfully handsome Steve Scott (Carruthers)
Bob - What are those over there?
Sam - Tanks.
Bob - You're welcome.
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