Wednesday, May 24

Top 5 Comments from the weekend

1. "What page is that on?" (from a junior high girl who just started coming out to youth - i had just handed her a bible so that she could read the passage the speaker was preaching from...john 10:10 or something....soooo cute)
2. "If you pray for us, maybe it will work better" (two senior high girls who came together for me to pray for them because if i prayed maybe "it" - "it" being their christianity - would work better)
3. "Why don't you ever speak at youth? We always hear about his (pointing to my husband the pastor) life, but we never get to hear about you! We want you to speak." (hehe, i liked this one...only because it came from the junior high girls in the group)
4. "And guys, I'm not just talking about double chocoalte cake. I'm talking about strawberry shortcake. And lemon mirangue pie. And black forest cake...etc." (you just had to be there to get this one. soooooo good!)
5. A conversation between the bus driver/leader and a junior high girl:
Girl: Can I go get some ice cream? (as we are on our one pit stop on the way home that was supposed to be 5 minutes and ended up taking like an hour)
Leader: Well....
Girl: Please!
Leader: What kind of ice cream? (
because in a moment like this, it all hangs on what her answer is)
Girl: Cappuccino chocolate (or something to that extent)
Leader: Well, I guess so. (Thinking: it's a good thing she didn't say strawberry swirl or else she wouldn't have been able to go...good choice girl)
Girl: Thanks
Leader: Just make sure when you bring it on that nobody sees. Pretend you just had it with you all the time (yes, because it wouldn't have melted in the past hour and a half that we had been driving on a sweaty, hot bus).

That was the best. We laughed at him so much after this. And because of the ice cream, the girl had to hold us up while she went to the washroom for the second time during that pit stop. After everyone had finally finished she had to go once again. Oh girls!

Sounds like you had an eventful weekend.
You should take those little junior high girls under your wing and preach to them like your life depended on it. Is so cute...
CAKEY!!!!...i get it, love it...
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