Wednesday, May 17

Top 5 Bear related comments from my mom

1. After asking her what she was doing for mother's day, she replied "Skinning a Bear"
(of course! What else would a woman want to do on mother's day?)

2. When I asked her why, she said incredulously "Because I shot one yesterday, my first bear ever!"
(imagine frightningly excited mom voice here)

3. "I'm going to have a rug made out of it, but I think that we'll leave off the head because we want to put it on the couch"

4. "I got it right in the lung!"

5. "We didn't keep the meat. It creeps me out to eat anything with paws, its like eating a kitten or something"
(Yes, eating is the only part of this situation that creeps her out. Would she shoot a kitten in the lung?)

*chants*: shoot a kitten! shoot a kitten! shoot a kitten!
kitten stew! kitten stew! kitten stew!
ew morbid (that being the kitten-killing talk; i like eating bear)
id shoot 47 kittens in the lung. because i think it would take 47 skinned kittens to cover the couch... no heads of course
bear is yucky
I've had bear once before, it was not bad.
I know, i was there!!
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