Sunday, April 9

Top Five Egyptian men I've met

1. The waiter on the cruise ship who always smiled bashfully at me and gave me free coffee. Is there any better way to my heart than free coffee?
2. Our tour guide Ahmed. He bartered for us, led us around like lambs, and near the end started referring to my mom as "mother in law"
3. The vendor who told me that I had the most beautiful eyes that he had ever seen. When I pointed out that I was wearing sunglasses and he could not in fact see my eyes, he replied without missing a beat "In my heart I know". What a salesman.
4. The giant chef who told me that I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. When I said that he probably said that to all the tourists he replied "No, I never talk to the tourists". What a charmer.
5. The creepy driver who stared at me in the rearview mirror as we careened through the streets of Cairo. I thought we would probably die, because he actually wasn't watching the road.

Those Egyptian men love us white blonde girls.

Didn't make the cut: the group of about thirty college guys on some kind of field trip. After one of them asked for a picture with me, they all started lining up for one of their own. They missed the list because they were a group, though I think they were my favorites.

I have now lived my fifteen minutes of fame and can now get fat and ugly. Pizza here I come

i plan to give your father 2000 camels for your soul.
that was number six. seriously, he was at the Cairo museum
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