Monday, April 17

Top 5 Thoughts I've had since setting foot on the island

1. As much as I want to be an "au natural", granola girl, I do want to live in a big city around a lot of people. I just want to do it differently than most people.
2. Why can't houses be as cheap (and the land as nice) as they are in the remote parts of the island???
3. Speaking of remote, I never realized how far and out of civilization the Comox valley feels, especially after living in Kelowna for a while.
4. Now that my sister, brother and I have all moved out, I expected the house to be a lot more quiet and subdued. I was most certainly wrong. We've been replaced by a german and a frenchman and tonight we had 11 people to serve for dinner. My parents are never going to settle down.
5. I don't care what anyone else says, the island is by far the most beautiful place on the face of the earth.

God loves the island the most.
keep on rockin in the free world
Before one says the most beatiful, one must stand on the top of Perkins Peak and look down on Neimiah valley Or stand on the shores of bluff lake with the wind in your face. The island is beautiful, "but most" might be pushing it. But that is just the opinions of a boy with a heart forged in the jungles of the Cariboo.
oh the cariboo...
I think I have to agree with Slynn on this one. Once you've been to Quadra Island, you can never love any other land again.
Been to Quadra, I am sorry I still think most beautiful is an over statement
of course the island is the most beautiful place.. it also produced the most beautiful people....
every place is beautiful in its own way. thats why god created it all different. its just like people of different nationalities... beautiful in different ways.

in terms of natural beauty... Grand forks rocks... its the rest of the damn place i don't like.
Have you even Been to Algonquin Park
No man is an island
guys, everyone just calm down. these are my thoughts. i don't expect you to all agree with me, just let me have the rights to my own thoughts. can we all get along with that?
oh, and everyone should keep tomorrow afternoon free. we may be rolling into abby around 4ish and would love to meet up with all of you that are free. see you then.
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