Thursday, April 20

Top 5 Things I would like to Dream about on Monday

The doctor said that whatever I think about before they put me out is probably what I'll dream about. So here's my list.

1. Playing drums for a huge show somewhere. Ideally I would be playing like Carter from DMB, only so much better.
2. Playing in the World Cup. Probably for the Netherlands, being half Dutch and all.
3. Exploring some awesome outdoor vista.
4. Flying. Without the help of a plane.
5. Living underwater. In the tropics.

I would assume that you would make occasional trips to dry land every monday evening to watch the Apprentice and 24, since you can't watch TV under water. It just doesn't work.
It hard to play better then Carter...he's the best...
ummm what did i miss?? why are you getting put under?
Moey was confused by this post and thought Dan was getting put down. Poor old Dan's going to be taken to the animal shelter instead.
#6 shuffle board with your mom
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